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Argumentative Essay Paper Writing Tricks

There are no “tips” to writing an argumentative essay. There are merely steps and a process in making sure that the essay is at least completed to the instructor’s specifications in your guide. If you manage to follow directions, you’ve successfully completed an argumentative essay.

Now it should be noted that we said “you’ve successfully completed an argumentative essay”. This doesn’t mean your paper was successful, of course. To do my homework, I’ll need to have included a combination of the following in your procedure.

  • Pick a side and reflect.
  • Research.
  • Write. Open big and finish big.

Yes, the writing process from an argumentative essay can be condensed to three main areas.

Pick A Side

Now if your instructor picked your side then move on to the next subtitle. For those brave souls with no aim in your paper, pick a side in the argument. It honestly doesn’t matter. You might feel strong for or against, but the most important thing here is cranking out a strong paper that will get you a high mark.

After picking a side, ask questions and reflect on your questions and answers.


There’s no way around it, but research is second most important task for your essay next to actually writing it. Your research and your logic as to how you came to your conclusion on topics will make up the bulk of your essay. When arguing any point research is crucial. When doing any essay period, research is crucial. Put aside time for research the topics.


This is the heavy lifting of your essay. Writing includes drafts, citations, bibliographies, and the actual argument portion of your essay. You will need to address opposing points of views, defend your own, make sure the reader isn’t bored of your writing, and get a decent amount of factual information into the essay.

The most important parts of your writing are the opening and close. The opening is the introduction to your essay and it tells what side of the fence you are on and gives a preview as to what the reader can expect. The closing is essentially the same only it gives a brief review and pulls the essay together at the end.

Both need to be strong. If your introduction is weak it could set a bad tone for the essay. Likewise, the closing could be weak and you might look as though you lost steam in the finishing stretch.

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