High School Argumentative Essay Topics - Getting Some Vital Help

As a high school student you will be asked to write a number of essays and there will be different types of essays and one such type is the argumentative essay. If you're looking for helpful tips to get this essay into the best condition possible then these are the factors you should consider.

  • Does the topic divide public opinion?
  • Are you able to easily identify one side of the argument?
  • Is the argument of narrow enough for you to write a compelling essay?
  • Are you able to dispel the opposing view?

You will have a seriously difficult job writing an effective argumentative essay if the topic you choose does not divide public opinion. You need an issue which causes people to think long and hard about the right and wrong of the subject. If you choose a topic which is wishy-washy or which cause people to shrug their shoulders, then you've chosen the wrong topic.

It's very important that you are able to identify one side of the argument as outlined in the topic. If you sincerely believe in the argument you wish to produce in your essay then that is better than if you don't agree with it. If so then you're simply writing the essay for the sake of writing the essay.

You need to be aware of the fact that some argumentative essay topics are huge. This means that to discuss the argument in detail you will only be able to touch on various points in a narrow way. You either need an argument which is very specific and narrow or you need a single angle on a broad topic.

If in writing your argumentative essay you are able to attack the opposite point of view as well as obviously support your side of the argument, you may well have created a perfect argumentative essay. Here are some possible topics you could consider.

  1. Reality television programs should be banned.
  2. Beauty contests should not be restricted to people who are slim.
  3. Parents should be banned from the touchline of all sporting events.
  4. Young children should not be required to participate in competitive sports.
  5. People who receive unemployment benefits should do community work.
  6. Anyone using dirty tricks in a political campaign should be arrested and charged.
  7. All advertising of junk food to children should be banned.
  8. People convicted of human trafficking should receive a life sentence.
  9. Video games which use violence cause damage to the players.
  10. Obesity is the fault of people and not food manufacturers.

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