How to Write a Doctoral Dissertation

The students that are in their last year of school are focusing most of their time on a dissertation. This will take up a lot of your life, work, and energy to do. When you’re facing a dissertation you need to write, it can be very overwhelming to think about how much work will go into it, and how much time it will take up. If this is your first doctorate dissertation, having an advisor is especially important. Your advisor can help you brainstorm ideas, choose a topic, do research, help with editing and generally be there for moral support during the time that you’re working on your dissertation.

Apart from your advisor, having some friends and family members (but make sure they aren’t doing their own dissertations, or they won’t have time to help) support you by helping you cook, clean or do other things outside of your writing will give you more time to write. And frankly, it’s so much easier to work when your house is clean and you can just concentrate on what you’re working on!

If you’re really struggling, or if you just don’t know the right words to put your ideas down onto paper, it can be an option to hire someone for help. You can pay a writer online to craft a chapter or two of your dissertation based on your notes and research, and that can go a long way in saving you time and effort into your writing journey. It’s probably not a good idea to have your entire dissertation outsourced, but doing a few chapters here and there and then editing them yourself for consistency will help a lot. You don’t want the biggest and most important project of your academic career to be balanced on someone else’s talents and deadlines, but using the skills of other people bit by bit throughout your dissertation can be a great asset.

If you’re considering taking the route of hiring someone for a few parts of your dissertation, just make sure that they’re trustworthy and good at what they do. You need someone who won’t plagiarize another’s work, is a native English speaker, has experience in your field, will follow your rules and deadlines as closely as they can, and someone that has reviews from other customers for the good job that they’ve done. Choosing the right person will make or break your dissertation.

Article Written by Dr. George McBryan


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