Secession and Civil War

The American Civil War started because of the uncompromising differences between the slave and the Free states that were fighting for power of the government to illegalize slavery in the regions that had not become states. Another issue that was prevalent during those days includes the federal authority against the states’ rights. The Northern States were strongly opposed to Slavery unlike their southern counterparts. The election of Lincoln into power was one of the factors that motivate the advent of the civil. This is because of the issues that Lincoln wanted to alleviate in the United States and they were the major causes of the gaps between the people in the north and those in the south. Some economic factors in the regime of President Jackson were also a major cause of the cession. Therefore, the cession of Texas in the start of Lincoln’s regime because of the slave concerns followed South Carolina’s decision which had already seceded over the economic disparities created by Jackson. Texas had a major concern with the manner in which the Republicans with the leadership of Lincoln threatened slavery and their traditional liberties and rights.

The northern became victorious over the southern in the civil war because of the influence of Abraham Lincoln. In the initial stages, Lincoln tried to initiate peace talks between the north and the South so as to stop the controversy that was prevalent. Together with John Brown, he tried to opposed he mobilized resources that were aimed at taking the anti-slavery war to the south. He was the American abolitionist who had believe that only armed insurrection could bring down slavery in the United States. As the commander of armed forces, Lincoln used force during the war. Lincoln eventually rescued the slaves had been in the south and took full control of the state of affairs at the end of the civil war.

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