Pros and Cons of Marijuana

The marijuana as the name is, is one of the drugs, which has elicited controversial debates across the world. The drug is generally paradoxical to its profound uses, which actually do not go well in other countries. Botanically, the plant is called Cannabis with its specific name as sativa. However, Williamson explains that the cannabis sativa has other two subspecies; ruderalis and indica. According to Bello, the plant grows well in almost all types of soil and has an annual complete life cycle. It is almost impossible for one to think about planting marijuana because of its illegality, government legislations and the perceived negative side effects. If one wants to start growing marijuana, how will he or she understand the benefits of marijuana other than the tough policies that confine the free farming? How will any person understand the benefit of marijuana?

According to Bello, marijuana has three benefits; physical, psychological and spiritual. Physically, the use of marijuana helps in executing bad air from our lungs by making body relaxed and to expand the lung sacs, which ease absorption of oxygen. The oxygenated blood then circulates in the brain and the rest of the body, which finally balances the physiological processes. The psychological benefits are achieved when the hypothalamus, which controls the nervous system is influenced by the marijuana. The taste, appetite and desire to have sex are psychological advantages that conjoin when this plant is used. Bello continues to explain that to have an appetite for food, the parasympathetic processes take place; it extracts the sugar from the blood stream and stores it in the liver. The spiritual benefits are taken according to religious and cultural beliefs that confines the user to pay no attention on the principle of positive values to the society. The use of marijuana makes one feels a full of being and have a spiritual relationship.

According to Williamson, the use of cannabis has contributed to violence, erupted laughter and sometimes lead to mental disorders. In the United State of America, youths are affected by the use marijuana. In 1937, the federal government was forced to pass a bill that would prohibit the marijuana and to inflict taxes on users to reduce its consumption. Stigmatization has been also observed.

The cannabis is one of the plants, which has medicinal and spiritual values. It has been portrayed as one of the dangerous plants in the world, which has destroyed young people. Regardless of its disadvantages, it is observed by the researchers that it has also physical and psychological well-being of the user. It would be important if the proper analysis is done by the government to establish the disadvantages against the advantages of this plant before prohibiting it.

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