Fighting Corruption In India

And in following in Russia’s foot steps, India, the third wealthiest Asian Nation, has one of the largest corruption issues in Asia. Corruption is rampant from the private sector, all the way up to the political leadership. And the corruption is affecting every aspect of Indian life, without signs of a cure. In outlining the areas of major influence, of the extensive corruption, the who and what of it will be looked at. To examine the levels of fighting the corruption, and how they are working.

In as much as the corruption is in control of the Country of India, it has had this control for many decades. This is not a new issue that has taken over the Indian Nation. From the private sector, the corruptive influence comes the various Mafia type organizations. From the Corporate sector, there are many major businesses that are involved. And the Political sector, there are many politicians that have taken to the corruptive trend because of the money they can make.

In 2010, a Forestry official, Uday Vir Singh, mislead a Miltia guard to get inside Port Belekeri. He was part of a group attacking the corruption in the state of Karnataka. This uncovered a ring bigger than the group had thought. Politicians working from the pockets of the local Mining Mafia, had been smuggling iron ore to China, for years, and pocketing the money.

From the 1970’s no administration in India has honestly confronted the issue of corruption. With an agreement with Mauritius; close to Madagascar, people could deposit money into the banks there without paying taxes on it. Politicians, businesses, and the mafia have been using this. T has been named now as black money, because much of the money being deposited is criminal in nature. When it is pulled from the banks in Mauritius, it is often done in ways to make it look like white money. In other words, this has become a great way to launder illegal money.

In 2012, a reform was passed to attack the laundering of money through Mauritius. It would have made the money taxable, starting in 2013. But true to the corrupt nature of the Indian Political system, it was pushed back to 2014, costing an additional loss of taxable funds.

The corruption problem has not had much effect on a national level, but through state level, this is just the opposite. The state level of approaching the corruption issues has shown great success. Begging a question of the issues in India. If the states are fighting corruption, with their politicians in the forefront; then who are the corrupt politicians?

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