Gnosticism and Eschatology

Gnosticism is a religious term from Ancient Greece. Eschatology is also a term that deals with theology. The two ideas intertwine with their beliefs and doctrines.

Gnosticism is a concept from Ancient Greek times. It is relative to a number of ancient religions that refused the world of materialism in order to be holy and at peace. This is a pursuit of the spiritual world in religion. There are two schools of thought concerning the concept. Some theologians feel that Gnosticism predates Christian religions. Other groups, feel if has to do with several characteristics relative to Christianity, Neo-Platonism, Hellenistic, Judaism, Greco-Roman, as well as others. Some of the characteristics with Gnosticism are the idea of having a supreme god or divinity, having Aeons (time periods), holding a doctrine of salvation, and having evils, which result in falling into an abyss of materialism. The field of Gnosticism means many things to the different sectors of religion that are impacted by its philosophies. The only singular thread might be the focus on not being material and instead seeking a spiritual life instead.

With Eschatology you are looking at a concept from theology. It deals with the idea of final destiny, such as heaven or hell after death. This end of your human world is called Eschatology because the term in Greek translates to last and to the study of. It is concerned specifically with dying, the day of judgment, hell, and heaven. And the going to meet the supreme God after death is an important part of Eschatology. The mood of being pessimistic or being optimistic about heaven or heal respectively can be taken. And the belief that there may be another Aeon after death has also been considered in Eschatology. Aeons are very central to the complete idea of Eschatology. It is very important to recognize that a death may be the actual beginning of a new journey on a different plane of being.

The two religious platforms, Gnosticism and Eschatology, both deal with Aeons. They also both look at behavior that may cause one to either go to heaven or go to hell after the judgment day. They are deep and complex ideas of theology that people have spent years and years studying. The idea of a completely spiritual life with little to no possessions and the wonder of where one goes after death have both occupied some of the greatest theological minds in the world.

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