How to Write a Solid MBA Dissertation: Helpful Advice

A successful completion of a prestigious MBA program can help you greatly in your career. Use these tips to crown your studies with an outstanding MBA dissertation.

  • Know the key purpose of your dissertation.
  • Many students, when asked about the difference between an MBA dissertation and an MBA thesis, answer that it is “pretty much the same thing.” Do not fall into this misconception. If you approach your dissertation as a thesis, you may deliver an inferior paper. The difference lies in the underlying purpose. While in an MBA thesis you need to develop and prove a strong belief on a particular subject, your dissertation should integrate everything you have learned throughout your studies.

  • Choose a company that you can gather enough information on.
  • MBA dissertation writing is often about a particular business or a group of businesses. You need to select a company from the real world, and apply the concepts you have learned to analyze its activities and make competent suggestions on its improvement. Therefore, select a company on which you can easily get information that is relevant to your topic. It can be a company you work at, or a public company that publishes all its reports online. Remember that your analysis can only be as strong as the data you have.

  • Demonstrate an excellent understanding of research methodology.
  • A sure way to get your dissertation accepted is to prove yourself as an expert researcher. If you competently explain and justify your research methods, sampling, and data analysis methods; the committee members will be much more inclined to give your dissertation a high mark. Read several good books on qualitative and quantitative research methods (if you have not done it before) to select those most appropriate for your research. Do not forget to properly reference these books in your bibliography.

  • Get your plan approved.
  • A proper layout is vital to your dissertation’s success. A typical MBA dissertation should include the following seven parts: introduction, literature review, methodology, presentation of data, analysis of data, discussion (interpretation of findings), and conclusion (implications and recommendations). Of course, you can modify this structure to reflect the unique peculiarities of your research. However, you must get your dissertation plan approved by your advisor prior to starting your writing. Otherwise, you may be required to change the structure of your dissertation when you already have a considerable portion of it written, which means extra labor and stress.

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