PhD Dissertation Topics in Computer Science

The hardest part of any assignment is just getting started, and this is particularly difficult with a project as large as writing a dissertation. The first part of getting started with your dissertation writing is to choose a topic. Now, computer science majors likely have a particular aspect that they are more interested in, such as mobile systems or robots, for example, and that’s always a good place to start. If you really don’t have any ideas for what you’d like to do and no particular interests in one part of your field, then here are some ways to find ideas.

First, you can talk to your friends and peers and ask if they’ve decided what their topic is going to be. Maybe you can do something similar to theirs, or take the same topic with a different angle or approach to it. Also, it can be very helpful to speak with a professional who is already working at their dream job in computer science about what they did for their dissertation and what they love about being out in the work force. Another idea is to go to the library, both your school’s library and the public one if you can, and look through the section about computer science. Are there any books there that you haven’t read yet? If so, check them out and see what ideas they might spark in your brain.

If you want a few example ideas, keep reading for a list of ten great dissertation ideas that students have done in the past. These ideas are proven and got good grades, but just remember that only have a great idea isn’t enough; you need to have a great written dissertation that reads well and has solid research to back it up if you want to be successful. A great topic is a great start, but it’s just that: a start.

  1. Software solutions to reducing energy consumption
  2. Variable risks for control of dynamic robots
  3. Multi-agent resources allocation with automation
  4. Strengthening software against errors and attacks
  5. Designing of methods to estimate characteristics of networks
  6. Tracking of perpetual mobile systems and support
  7. Management of resources in dynamic or complex situations
  8. Support of operating systems for modern apps
  9. Models of statistics for image retrieval based on text queries
  10. Methods of training that are efficient for random conditional fields

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