How To Choose Proper Opinion Essay Topics For Fourth Graders

Opinion essay is something which you use to express your own viewpoint. Now when it comes to fourth grade students you cannot expect them to write on complex topics and express an active viewpoint. What you need to do is come up with topics that are within their scope of knowledge and something they already know about. Then all they will have to do is write about it and express their own opinion on it. Kids will not sit down and research a boring (at least to them) topic and then be able to express their stand on the subject mainly because they are too young to understand such concept and the gravity of it.

So how do you select an effective opinion essay topic? Here is how

  • You can start by taking part in a conversation with the child. Ask him about the things he likes most. It can be a color or a cartoon character. Then ask them to write an essay describing why it is the favorite and not something else. You can also read some of the books and TV shows meant for fourth grade students and get to know some of the popular characters in them. Now you can ask the student to write his or her opinion on one of these characters. The kid may hate or love that character but as long as he is interested in the show or book, you can expect an essay with detailed opinion, justifying the stand.
  • You can also switch to real life people and things to make the topic more interesting. You can ask the fourth grade student about his daily routine and you will get to know a host of people he interacts with. Now you can ask the student to write on his opinion about one of these persons. It does not have to be his favorite but if the kid interacts with the person every day he is bound to have formed some opinion about the person.

These are some of the things that you can do to come up with interesting topics. By being the companion of a kid you can a lot of things particular to that kid. But often it is not possible to find out custom topic for each kid. Then you can come up with more generic topics like my favorite day or my best friends.

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