Women and Hinduism

Hinduism is the region practiced in India. Women in the country have long been a part of this religion and following in all of the proper practices of that religion. It was the Hindu women that were treated with the same respect and as an equal to the male counterparts. They encouraged women and empowered strength and femininity. The goddess Shakti is often worshiped by the women of Hindu. It is also said that men gain their power from the goddess.


Hinduism is nothing new. It dates back to Vedic times, a period of time when both men and women shared in equality. This included equality in rights, their educational choices, their religion and even the type of education they would receive. At this time there were a great number of powerful women scholars and more.

Women enjoyed being treated as equals, although this time period still reflected the high respect that she held for her husband and for taking care of her family. It would later be a must that this action be taken and the role of the woman would be lessened and her primary role a care taker.

After the Vedas: Women and Hindu

The ritual of the Vedas is performed with men and women alike. Women helped to create it in the first place. The women were able to provide immaculate details for its creation as well as form some of the contributions that were needed.

The women of Hindu believed in marriage just as well as the men. For the average person it was mandatory that a marriage occur. Just as with Indian tradition the marriage is one that is oftentimes arranged according to the parent’s desires of a mate for their daughter. The chosen man is usually someone of a higher stature, a doctor, a lawyer, etc.

Under Vedas however it was sustained that women had an obligation to take care of the duties of the home and of her chosen husband. She would have children and ensure that his obligations were met.


The role of the woman during Hindu started off equal with the man although they would later turn to favor the empowerment of the man. The role of the woman after this time was to take care of her family, although she was still able to make her own decisions as far as education and other choices. The role of the woman is a very interesting time period in Hindu indeed.

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